INXY.HOST Launches Free SSL Service!

INXY.HOST Launches Free SSL Service!

Great news for website owners: Inxy offers lifetime free SSL certificates! With a free SSL, you can guarantee a perfect security of your website and its users! SSL is the modern demand for all online businesses and eCommerce websites because it ensures safety of customers’ payment credentials and sensitive data.

Why getting our free SSL Certificate?

  1. Our free certificate is based on Let’s Encrypt technology – the leading provider of free certificates on ACME server with domain verification.
  2. The certificate is free for the entire lifetime!
  3. Out free SSL certificates are trusted by all major browsers.
  4. With an SSL certificate, you will prevent hacking, improve search ranking, and boost users’ trust.

We value security of our clients and Internet users!

All INXY customers can get a free SSL certificate: just go to and type your domain name.

Sincerely yours,
INXY team