Why Companies Should Have A YouTube Channel

Why Companies Should Have A YouTube Channel

In 2018, video is one of the most popular forms of content that attracts and engages users and YouTube is a good testament to that. Just think of it – this is the third most frequently visited website on the Net! Besides, it’s the second most used search engine after Google. Therefore, if you want to gain audience with the help of video content, YouTube is an evident choice: it allows posting your videos without wasting your own bandwidth and storage space. Why have a YouTube channel for business?

Why using video content?

There are at least three reasons to start creating video content for your project:

  1. The video makes interaction with customers more personal – no other media can replace a real personality addressing the audience.
  2. Videos are viewed by people of all age: YouTube’s demographic ranges from 18 to 54 (not so many platforms can boast such a wide demographic range of users).
  3. More viewers mean more shares. Aside from building tight bonds with customers and reaching out an extensive audience, you encourage people to spread a word about your project.

Establishing a YouTube channel for your business

Why YouTube? Although this is a library of ready online videos with 3 bln hours of video watched every month, it also allows for streaming video anytime, so its functionality is pretty rich. Joining YouTube is a very wise decision: the platform gives marketers the opportunities they shouldn’t ignore.

As soon as you’ve created a YouTube channel, it’s time to create high-quality videos that will catch the attention of your target audience. While you add videos to your channel, don’t forget to use them on other social media platforms. Add a call to action at the end of every video. Since the vast majority of videos are created to boost your audience’s interest in your website, a call to action is a very important element. It will direct viewers to your site, or to other social platforms.

Update your YouTube channel with videos about your company, outstanding employees, your initiatives, projects, news and upcoming changes, new products and services, and much more! No matter what you specialize on, there’s an endless source of inspiration for your videos, so generate ideas and start realizing them right now!