The Importance of SSL Certificates to Search Engines

The Importance of SSL Certificates to Search Engines

An SSL certificate is a modern means of encryption of websites visitors’ data that’s now favored by Google. Let’s discover how it can help you to secure your business and improve SEO.

Today, SSL certificates have become much more widespread, because Internet security is number one concern among all web-developers regardless of website size. Today, more than 10,000 websites are blacklisted by Google and removed from search results, which means total loss of organic traffic, lower sales and damaged reputation. Except for Google insiders, no one really knows all aspects lying in the foundation of their search rankings, as well as nobody knows what causes a website to be blacklisted. However, some experts claim that search ranking considerably depends on domain name age, keywords, links and, as you can guess, use of SSL certificates.

Don’t want to be the next blacklisted by Google? Then SSL certificate is a must for your business.

What is SSL Certificate?

Whenever you open a website, you can see a green padlock near the URL along with the green HTTPS start of it (but not in all websites): that means the site uses as SSL certificate.

An SSL certificate encrypts the data that’s sent and received between computers and servers. Such certificates are usually applied to secure credit card information during transactions, protect login information and data transfers.

An SSL certificate serves to secure visitors’ information. Being on such website you can be sure that hackers won’t reveal your sensitive information, login credentials and bank card data.

What’s the connection between SSL certificates and Google?

Due to growing threats to online security, Google has decided to make the Internet a safer environment by removing potentially harmful and vulnerable websites from their search results and displaying warnings every time people visit such websites. If you open a website and see its URL contains HTTP and the bar is colored red, it means the website doesn’t support SSL encryption, which can put your personal data into the threat.

Now whenever Google finds a website with malware detected, it’s blacklisted and removed from the search engine, and users see the warning shown through Chrome: this way they know their info can be at risk.

Can a blacklisted website be rehabilitated? In fact, Google’s warning can be removed once you have an SSL certificate activated on your website. Most websites that have this warning appear are either new websites, or have information input for customers (login and credit card credentials) without using an SSL certificate.

Bottom line

The presence of your website in Google search results has always been a factor of success. Now it matters more than ever, and having an SSL certificate is crucial. It all started in 2014 when Google announced that using HTTPS protocol will help your website rank better in search results. Google’s striving to protect visitors’ security is kicking into gear, and since January 2017 it started placing “Not Secure” label on HTTP websites that ask passwords or credit card information.

Does your website really need SSL? It seems like Google is trying to make web-masters more responsible for visitor information by forcing them to leverage SSL certificates for running websites smoothly. Now without an SSL certificate, your website is under the risk of disappearing from its search results and can be labeled as an unsafe spot when visitors open it via Chrome.

All in all, an SSL certificate is a very important part of your website, especially if you deal with customer’s sensitive information like credit cards or passwords. Turns out, SSL certificate is not just a way to protect your users’ information, but also a way to be ranked higher in Google.

Implementing an SSL certificate is easier than you think: most providers, including INXY, help customers to find, install and set up them on websites. If you consider using an SSL certificate, let us know, and our user-friendly team will assist you in adopting the service.