What Is Domain Privacy And Do I Really Need It?

What Is Domain Privacy And Do I Really Need It?

What is domain privacy, and which perks does it provide? Find out how to obtain domain privacy, and why most website developers order this service.

Do you know that the contact details connected with your web hosting domain are publicly available in the WHOIS listing? That’s why many web-hosting providers offer such service as domain privacy for a small charge.

Do you really need domain privacy protection?

Basically, it’s not critical, if you don’t have it. As an owner of a simple website, you don’t need to purchase domain privacy. However, the service offers some important benefits like receiving less spam and unwanted solicitations. Therefore, it won’t hurt, if you make a small investment into your privacy, and tens of thousands of website creators would agree!

What is domain privacy?

Every domain name is featured in the listing of WHOIS service, a searchable database of registered domains that’s available to everyone in the Net. If you don’t purchase WHOIS privacy protection, all of your contact information (address, phone number, name and so on) will be available to public.

However, with WHOIS privacy activated, all your sensitive information will be shieled, and domain registrar’s information will be shown instead. Even if you have a legitimate postal address and nothing to hide, WHOIS privacy can come in handy and help you to:

  • Reduce spam and junk snail mail;
  • Prevent companies from getting your information and reselling it to others;
  • Avoid fraudsters and stalkers;
  • Hide your website from competitors doing market research.

For these reasons, most website owners purchase WHOIS privacy protection. It simply helps to reduce scams, span and unwanted Internet traffic. Do you really want everybody to know your address and phone? If no, that’s a simple way to control your privacy and personal information.

Some businesses can benefit from added traffic and visibility of WHOIS listing, but in most cases, protection of domain privacy ensures extra security and gives you peace of mind.

Note that there are some domain types (for instance, those that end in .ca) that have privacy by default, you don’t need to purchase it. But if your domain doesn’t fall into this category, make sure you add a level of protection. Although domain privacy isn’t obligatory, a bit of extra cost can save you time, nerves and prevent problems in the long run.