Benefits of using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Benefits of using a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

How CDN (content delivery network) can help your business? Read about nine key advantages of CDN and find out which way your online business can benefit from it.

With more than 2.5 billion users globally, Internet is an infinite virtual space which gives businesses the opportunity to get millions of customers from various regions. However, in order to attract purchasers you need to deliver excellent web performance and ensure flawless user experience. Therefore, poor connection, latency and security threats should be overcome.

This is where a CDN (content delivery network) can come in handy being a top tool for ensuring optimal performance and security, no matter where end-user is located. This is a must-have for businesses that need broad coverage and aim to get more traffic.

Why you should use a content delivery network? Benefits of leveraging a CDN network include:

  1. Better response times and higher reliability. A website that performs well gets higher conversion, which means growing sales. Speed problems and latency can cause damage and affect web business seriously. Just a few extra seconds in loading can make a significant difference between a good conversion and a bounce. With a powerful CDN you can benefit from optimal loading speed and make sure that transactions go smoothly.
  2. CDN guarantees global reach. Just think of it: more than 1/3 of global population is online, which means that the use of web has grown enormously during the last 15 years. CDNs ensure global acceleration with the help of local PoPs (points of presence). Depending on the network peculiarities, you can reach any targeted regions (not necessarily the whole world). With global reach you can get rid of latency problems that hinder long-distance online transactions and cause slow loading.
  3. CDN helps to save considerably. Use of CDN is a very beneficial practice. Instead of developing your own infrastructure and working with separate hosting providers around the globel, you can leverage a global CDN. You won’t need to pay load of money to foreign providers and face these headaches during renewal of assets on multiple servers. As the result, you save a lot of money, time and nerves. A global CDN is a unified platform that allows handling all separate operations at once, covering numerous regions for agreeable cost. CDNs are highly recommended for enterprises and projects with a tight budget.
  4. 100% availability. CDN ensures automatic server availability with the help of user redirection: your assets are distributed over multiple regions, and if server in one or a few regions fails, visitors will be headed to functioning servers. As the result, CDN guarantees 100% website availabilty even in case of serious power outages, hardware problems and any other issues.
  5. Lower server load. Thanks to strategic placement of CDN servers, you can decrease the load on the origin server, interconnects, private and public peers and backbones, which will boost overall capacity and decrease delivery costs. Since the content is spread over multiple servers, the origin server can be offloaded.
  6. 24/7 customer support. Worthy CDNs are impossible without decent customer support, which means that decent companies always provide technical help no matter when you ask for it. If any problems occur, you have the backup that’s ready to fix performance related issues. Having a support team at hand is a wise business decision – you don’t just pay for a network, you pay for the whole spectrum of services that truly help to grow your business down the road.
  7. Boost the number of concurrent users. When CDN servers are strategically placed in various regions, network backbone capacity is higher, which means you can give website access to more users at a given time. For instance, if you have a 100 GB/s network backbone with 2 tb/s capacity, about 100 Gb/s can be delivered, while with CDN 10 servers can be available in 10 various locations, which gives you overall capacity of 10 x 100 GB/s.
  8. DDoS protection. Together with a huge number of economic losses, DDoS attack can also take a negative toll on the reputation and image of your project or company. When your customers provide their personal information, type in the number of their credit cards and make online purchases on your website, they put trust in your business. But DDoS attacks enable hackers to steal sensitive customer information, which puts your company and loyalty to it in risk. This way of hacking has greatly increased recently, which also led to growth of CDN popularity. Why? CDN is powered with additional cloud security layer. Cloud solutions are created to repel attacks even before they reach your datacenter. CDN checks the incoming traffic and keeps your website up and running. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about DDoS attacks affecting your server – you business is safe and sound.
  9. CDN not only delivers website content quickly as never before, but also provides you with valuable analytical data and metrics to find out some trends and which can boost your advertising potential, and reveal strong and weak sides of your online project. Content delivery networks provide real-time statistics, show the most active regions, which assets are the most popular, optimize capacity per customer, and report some important viewing details to the user. With information analysis, web-masters can further optimize their websites and boost performance. Better user experience equals higher sales volume and conversion rates.

Use of CDN is a growing trend in the Net, and you can be the next to benefit from it. Security and performance are crucial, and CDN is here to guarantee both. A higher performance means higher income, stable growth, permanent web presence and brand recognition.