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General Info

INXY LTD is a web hosting company created in 2006 with data center locations in Netherlands, USA, Luxembourg and Russia. Being a leader in web hosting industry, we offer our clients the most advanced hosting solutions and premium customer support. Inxy.host works with the world’s biggest hardware providers, such as Dell and SuperMicro.

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Our Mission

We follow all recent technologies and constantly develop or knowledge to supply the products that would meet the demands of customers today and tomorrow.

Our Products

We provide various hosting solutions suitable for mission-critical websites and applications with 24/7 customer support


VPS is a sweet spot for those who need redundancy of a public cloud and power of dedicated server. The VPS SSD range allows for managing your web projects in a server environment that you control autonomously.

Dedicated Server

Inxy.host offers fully-customizable hosting solutions. We help you choose the best dedicated server variant in terms of hardware and software and guarantee maximum availability, security and swiftness of server deployment.

Cloud VPS

The Cloud VPS model is perfect for hosting professional production environments and resource-hungry applications. A hardware SLA ensures high availability and stable service.


INXY CDN combines powerful hardware and network optimization techniques being reasonably cheap. Benefit from CDN networks created by true IT professionals.


Down with the old DNS. Modern DNS is a crucial factor of website performance, and now it’s becoming a strategic tool for network resiliency, optimizing global web application performance, and managing traffic across hybrid cloud environments. This component of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) strategy makes investment valuable.

Our Partners

Inxy.host partners with the biggest CDN providers: Verizon, HighWinds, UCDN, AhCDN, CDNNOW. We offer top-class hardware from such brands as Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Supermicro located in reliable Data-centers, such as EvoSwitch, SwitchDC, TierPoint, Equinix, DataPro, LuxConnect with Tier-1 providers: Hibernia Networks, Cogent, IPTP Networks.

Some facts about us

The history of Inxy.host started in 2006 with a simple question: How can we make deploying and managing infrastructure less painful? We found out that it was possible, if we find new ways to automate complex infrastructure and give customers more control and efficiency for executing their IT strategies. After all these years, we still strive to be the leaders in the hosting industry and keep improving our services and platform to give IT departments the opportunity and space to grow their business.

Data Centers

Our Team

Experts of INXY.host have more than 10 years of experience in the sphere of dedicated server and VPS hosting, CDN, DNS, networking and performance optimization.
With our services, you will always be ahead of the race!

Vadim Kolchev
Head of Sales + Support BU
I am responsible for sales and make sure that our company uses individual approach to all our customers and take their goals and needs into account to offer effective solutions. We have always been putting focus on relationships with customers and positive user experience.
Kari Guggenberger
Head of marketing
I am responsible for branding, demand generation, strategic partnerships, PR, and event marketing. Combining these aspects together, I do my best to create a well-thought marketing strategy to shape our global brand while building on our rich legacy of entrepreneurship.
Vlasov Veaceslav
Head of Business Development
Together with my teammates I develop and execute Inxy.host vision and strategy. I like facing challenges and keep improving our company to expand the global presence and strengthen our customer connections by increasing the number of our data center locations.


“Service First” is our motto. The quality of customer support is the key aspect in our work. We are dedicated to what we do, and try to deliver customers a transparent, responsive, always-on, empathetic and results-driven support model

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